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Rod Levis founded Cue in 1968, after his famous fashion store Levi’s sales
skyrocketed. The first Cue store opened in Sydney, Australia and since then gained
recognition all over the world as a fashion destination for young women.

Recognized by ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia), Cue is the largest fashion and clothing
manufacturer in Australia. As Australia’s finest manufacturing company, customers can
rest assured that they will always find clothing from the best fashion designers and
experts in the fashion industry.

You can find a store in Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, Cairns and more and also in
Myer shops. Browse the latest weekly ads and catalogues for sensational deals and

Cue Catalogue and Specials
Cue sales are always brimming with stylish attires in reasonable prices. They offer the
best sales and ship worldwide. Customers can find jumpsuits, blazers and belts,
bottoms, bags, and accessories
, in Cue sales. You can also book a stylist from home
by visiting Cue’s website.

At Cue, you can find everything that speaks classy, whether you are going to work, a
party, a day out with friends, or to a fund-raising event, Cue offers everything you need.
You will find dresses, tops, pants, jackets, knitwear, wear to work and accessories.

All of these designs are ideal for different occasions and there is a wide variety of the
most elegant fashion trends to choose from.

The Cue Club
This club is exclusively for members of the Cue family. You can sign up via their website
and enjoy some benefits such as new arrivals; events end latest news and offers. You
will also find a range of Cue specials and Cue sales that you can benefit from to
purchase their products at a discount.

Visit the Shopfully website and app for store locations, opening hours, and to browse
the latest catalogue.