Foodworks’s in Castle Hill: Deals and Offers


Foodworks is a local Australian store selling locally sourced fresh foods and groceries.
With more than 400 stores all over Australia, it’s tough not to spot a Foodworks in
Melbourne or Brisbane, as well as in other cities such as Sydney, Williamsons,
Redbank, Arnolds Creek, Cotton Tree, Toolooa.

Foodworks prides itself for being a fully local store, featuring locally manufactured and
developed groceries and food items.

Buy Local Produce through the Foodworks Specials and Sales
The Foodworks catalogue brings premium quality local produce right to your doorstep,
as well as a range of other products, such as baby care, clothing, health & beauty,
and household essentials.
They have the best range of bakery items for you, which include all kinds of bread,
crumpets, english muffins, bread rolls, pikelets, french sticks, cakes, hot dog rolls,
wraps, pita bread and more.
You will enjoy Foodworks’ dairy and eggs section heartily. Their have a wide variety of
milk, margarine, butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, juices, hommus, frozen fruits and other
fantastic items.

If you haven’t seen our deli & seafood collection, you’re missing out. Their bring you
the finest roasted chickens, twin rolls, potato cakes, hash browns, sushis, veggie
burgers, beef lasagnes, pork pies and so much more.
They also have a carefully selected range of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as
bananas, carrots, broccoli, avocado, mandarin, and capsicum. You can also buy the
best nuts, salad and herbs.
If you wish to buy frozen foods, check out our best selection of ice creams, hash
browns, golden corns, puff pastries, french fries, garden peas, baby beans, pizza slices,
nuggets and everything that you need to keep yourself full and whip up a meal in no
Apart from these, Foodworks catalogue includes a wide selection of baby products,
health and beauty products, household essentials, liquor, pet supplies and more.

Our Services
Apart from their Foodworks special, you can also browse our website for healthy and
tasty recipes that can really make your lunches, dinners and events more fun.
Foodworks’ Equal Price Promise guarantees that you can purchase your favourite
brands with confidence.

Get up-to-date information about opening hours and store locations or check out the
latest catalogues with the best deals, sales and specials at the Shopfully website and