Woolworths’s in Castle Hill: Deals and Offers


Woolworths is a chain of supermarkets and grocery stores dedicated to availing quality
fresh food products from their over a thousand branches across Australia: Forest Lakes,
Town Hall, Greenhills and Harbour Town are some of the biggest stores.

It offers a wide range of affordable household products and the convenience of multiple
branches and exclusive customer services, all designed to bring an enjoyable online
shopping experience next to you. 

Specials and Sale on a wide range of products
Woolworths supermarkets stocks offers a wide variety of products at low prices: from
home care products, such as dishwashing and washing machines detergents and
perfumes, and for personal care, including toothpastes, face creams and make-up. You
can always find lots of deals also on liquors, nutritional yeast, rice and on fresh food
products: fruit, bread, cream cheese, milk, chicken and high quality bakery products,
such as cupcakes. By visiting our catalogue you can easily check all the offers and
weekly specials before proceeding with your purchase.

In addition, at Woolworths you can buy all the snacks you need to face the day: from
biscuits to chocolate and chips; and for the more attentive to fitness muesli bars, dried
fruit and much more. Precisely for people who are more attentive to food, the
supermarket has created a dedicated product line: Delicious Nutritious that consists of
chilled and frozen meals exclusively. These meals comprise of 2 to 3 vegetables,
protein, and grain servings within the 45p calories range. It is as a result of a
partnership between Australian personal trainer Michael Bridges and Woolworth.

The advantages of purchasing the Odd Bunch line are even higher: this is the vegetable
produce brand that comprises of the imperfect vegetables and fruits that are oddly
shaped. These are sold at a rather cheaper price compared to other essential products.

Exclusively for big holidays, Woolworth has created a dedicated line called Gold that
includes products such as fruit pies, cakes, and puddings.

Woolworths Rewards for customer loyalty
Woolworths has a shopping card rewards system whereby its customers earn a point
from their purchases of all their branded products. These include those they purchase at
the supermarket as well as Caltex fuel outlets. One dollar is equivalent to a single point;
customers who accrue 2000 points receive a 10$ discount on their next purchase.

You can buy also credit cards and gift cards and manage everything with the
Woolworths Money App, a easy, secure and intuitive way.

Woolworths offers also Petrol service across Australia and home delivery available 7
days a week. You can buy quick lunch or fresh dinner in the Woolworth Metro near you.