Camera House Catalogue and Specials: Deals at a glance

Camera House Catalogue: Affordable DSLR Cameras and More

Camera House is home to the best DSLR cameras and accessories, with many stores
around Australia. You can easily spot a Camera House in Perth or Darwin if you live in
these cities, and there are many more stores in all the major cities, such as Cairns,
Brisbane, Sydney, Broadway, Bentley and more.

Camera House features the best and most exclusive products that you can find, from
the best brands in the world to the best lenses, and more. You can note the Camera
House opening hours and visit their stores, or you can also shop online through their
Browse the latest catalogue and weekly ads to score great deals and sales on the best

Buy Exclusive Products through the Camera House Sales
Camera House Perth features high-quality and modern DSLR cameras and devices
packed with the best features you can look for. You can choose between cameras,
drones, optics, lenses and more.
They have a wide range of cameras, such as 360 degree cameras, action cameras,
high-performance cameras, underwater cameras, DSLR cameras, film cameras,
mirrorless cameras, video cameras and many more.

If you need a high-performance drone for your film making projects, you can buy DJI
drones and controllers, guards, goggles, propellers and many other accessories that
make shooting easier.
Camera House also features high-quality and efficient lenses from the best brands,
such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax, Sigma, Sony and many more. You can also find
the lens diopters and lens accessories, caps, covers, extenders, filters, hoods,
protectors and rings.

You can also find the best optical accessories at Camera House, such as binoculars,
field scopes, magnifiers, monoculars, range finders and telescopes. You can also shop
for brackets, optics adaptors, caps, and eyepieces.
For further convenience, Camera House also features batteries, battery adaptors,
chargers, grips, cables, blowers, cleaning kits, screen protectors and all the accessories
you need.

Other Features
Apart from the various Camera House specials, they also have various courses that you
can attempt, if you want to learn more about photography or film developing.
Also, being a Camera House VIP member gives you access to exclusive deals, E-
newsletters, invites to exclusive events and up-to-date information about the latest
products and accessories. Register online and you’ll also be eligible to receive VIP
discounts and special pricing on selected print products.

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