Godfreys Catalogue and Specials: Deals at a glance

Godfreys Catalogue: Excellent and Affordable Cleaning Services

Godfreys is Australia’s number one vacuum and cleaning products retailer, with
Godfreys stores lined up across the country. You can find it in Cairns, Bendigo,
Townsville, Cranbourne, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Penrith, Auburn and many other places.

It provides high-quality cleaning tools and vacuum cleaners and you can easily find a
‘Godfreys near me’.
For over 80 years Godfreys have been trusted as the vacuum and cleaning specialists,
now with a nationwide service and repair network.
Godfreys features the best brands and products when it comes to high-quality vacuum
and cleaning supplies, like steam cleaners, carpet shampooers and much

Buy Cleaning Supplies at the Godfreys Sale
Godfreys has thousands of cleaning supplies and equipment from the world’s best
brands, so whatever type of vacuum you think is best for your living room or lounge, you
can easily buy it at Godfreys stores.

They have the most extensive range of vacuum cleaners you can find, ranging from
bagged and bagless vacuums to portable and stick vacuums. You can check out
asthma vacuums and pet vacuums that make cleaning safer and more fun.
Godfreys has the best collection of steam and shampoo cleaning supplies, such as
carpet cleaners, steam mops, stain extractors and everything else you need to keep
the house spick and span.
They have an exclusive collection commercial cleaning equipment to help you get
cleaning done more effectively. You can buy commercial vacuum cleaners, cleaning
machines, and all the accessories that come with the vacuum.

Apart from wonderful cleaning products and solutions, Godfreys also brings you a wide
range of vacuum and cleaning bags, parts and accessories. You can shop for vacuum
cleaner bags and filters, rods, floor attachments.
You can also check out the range of car care and cleaning supplies and pet
accessory kits
are featured on Godfreys.

Other Benefits
Apart from bringing you excellent products, Godfreys also provides you with reliable
vacuum repairing services, so you never have to spend a day without the house looking
spick and span.

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catalogue for great sales and special offers.