IGA Liquor Catalogue and Specials: Deals at a glance

IGA Liquor Specials and Catalogue: The Best Tasting Beers, Wines and Spirits

IGA Liquor is one of Australia’s most popular retailers for alcoholic and nonalcoholic
beverages. With various stores all over Australia, you can easily find an IGA Liquor in
Tower Hill or Adelaide, as well as a store near or in your city.

IGA Liquor stocks the best beers, wines and spirits that you can find. Sourced from the
best regions in the world, their drinks are perfect for every occasion and event. You can
take note of the IGA Liquor opening hours to visit your nearest store.

Find the Best Quality Drinks through the IGA Liquor Sales
IGA Liquor specials features some of the best and premium quality beers, wines, and
spirits, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect drink for yourself from
their wide collection.
You can shop from the finest selection of beers in the world, such as Australian beer,
Craft beer and International beer. Some notable beers that you can find in IGA Liquor
specials include Wheat Beer, Pilsner, Ale, Lager and more.

IGA Liquor also has the most flavorful cider, including Flavored Cider, Apple Cider and
Pear Cider. You have a variety of options to choose from, such as hard cider, organic
cider, low carb cider and much more.
If you’re more into wines, IGA Liquor brings you the most exclusive range of fine
, such as red wine, white wine, champagne, sparkling, cask wine, rose and
fortified wine. They also have a stock of nonalcoholic and low-alcohol wine.
You can also check out a wide range of spirits, such as bourbon, whiskey, gin, rum,
vodka, brandy, tequila and many other excellent options.

Other Specials
You can also enjoy the various IGA Liquor specials that are perfect for every celebration
and occasion, and also provide you with your most favourite drinks as well. You can
also check out various nonalcoholic beverages if you don’t enjoy alcohol.

For up-to-date information on store locations, opening hours, and to browse the latest
catalogue, visit the Shopfully website or app today.