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IKEA Catalogue: for ready to assemble Household Furniture, homeware & food products

IKEA is a Swedish multinational furniture retailer store chain with 433 stores in 52
countries and the Netherlands headquarters. It was founded in 1943 by Ingvar
Kamprad after his large-scale furniture demands from online stores were impossible to

With stores in Australia, like in Perth, Adelaide, Richmond and Brisbane, IKEA sells a
range of quality products at low prices including kitchenware, cooking appliances,
tableware, bathroom accessories, furniture of almost any variety, and much more.

You will find only the best easy to assemble quality furniture for your entire household
use and comfort.

IKEA Sale on furniture and household products
You can buy convenient and comfortable furniture for your children that can also serve
as extra storage for bedrooms with limited space. IKEA sales also include feeding and
fancy kids sitting furniture with a breakage guarantee that are safe for use.

From IKEA, you will find everything for your new home: standing and office desk,
wardrobes, rugs, day, single and double beds and sofa bed
, high and dining chairs,
mirrors, coffee, dining, bedside and side table and many other. To easily keep the
rooms in your home tidy, IKEA offers many types of cube storage and even

For those in love with cute indoor and outdoor spaces, IKEA lights, decoration, such as
bed frames, floor lamps and curtains, and the entire household, unique furniture will
come in handy. Beautiful warm and cozy textiles for your everyday use will also
transform the general feeling of your home.

IKEA beddings and mattresses guarantee outmost comfort for the whole family. While
basic organizers prevent accidents by getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your home,
the IKEA Catalogue features its variety of old and new products for the entire

IKEA Specials and customer rewards
IKEA offers discounted sales, excellent customer service and personalized rewards to
all members using the family card. Joining the IKEA Family, you’ll also get exclusive
invites to events and free workshops where you’ll get expert advice on home furnishing
and how to live a more sustainable life at home.

There are customer loyalty surprises, a playing area for kids while you shop, furnishing
& workshop tutorials, insurance against broken furniture and exclusive food deals for
members on IKEA family products.