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OPSM is Australia’s leading retailer for eyewear, contacts and eye care products for
people of all ages. It has stores all over Australia, so you will come across an OPSM
Sydney or OPSM Perth, or in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Chadstone,
Southland, Marion, Broadway, Brookside and in shopping centres such as Macquarie
and Watergardens Shopping Centre.
OPSM has high-quality branded eye care products certified by opticians and built using
the highest standards of quality.

Buy High-quality Eyewear at the OPSM Sales
OPSM Sydney brings you exclusive and high-quality products with no compromise on
quality, so that you can see better and feel good as well. They bring you a wide range of
glasses, contact lens, eye care products and more.
At OPSM, you can find a wide variety of glasses designed to bring optimum comfort
and take care of your eyes. You can buy specialized glass for men, women and
children, as well as prescription lenses, glasses built according to your face shape, as
well as sports glasses and blue light glasses.

You can also check out the best sunglasses at OPSM, designed for men, women and
children exclusively. The stores also feature the best sunglasses brands, such as Ray
Bans, Ralph Lauren, Vogue, Persol, and glasses made out of acetate, metal, plastic or
other premium materials.
If glasses aren’t your thing, or the doctor prescribed as such, you can find the best and
most premium quality contact lenses at OPSM. You can shop for daily disposable
contacts, fortnightly contacts, monthly contacts, coloured contacts and many other types
of high-quality contacts.

Eye Health Services
Apart from providing you with the best and most exclusive eyewear, they also bring you
a range of eye health services designed to ensure that you overcome impaired vision,
and that you’re always taken care of, no matter where you are.

OPSM Sydney brings you specialized sunglasses and glasses guides, that greatly
help beginners with their glasses. Their experts also provide various tips and advice on
how to take care of your glasses.
You can also book an eye test with them. They use modern specialised equipment to
get precise results. You can also check out the OPSM catalogue for their range of
products and services.

Moreover, if you’re looking for the perfect gift you can purchase an OPSM Gift Card and
give your loved one the gift of choice for any special occasion.
For up-to-date information on store locations, opening hours, deals and special offers,
browse the latest OPSM catalogue, visit the Shopfully website today or download the