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Blackwoods is Australia’s best retailer for industrial supplies and safety equipment, with
various stores all over the country. You can conveniently find a Blackwoods in Adelaide,
Sydney, or a store in various cities, such as Cairns, Hobart, Dandenong, Albany,
Victoria and more.

Blackwoods brings you the best equipment and products that are of a premium quality
and are perfect for all kinds of jobs and projects. Their products adhere to international
standards, and they select their products carefully.
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Get Finest Industrial Equipment from the Blackwoods Sales
At Blackwoods, you can check out thousands of products in different categories, such
as abrasives, automotive, clothing, electrical, steel, footwear, hand protection and many
other categories.
You can check out a wide range of Blackwoods abrasives, such as abrasive discs,
abrasive belts, wire brushes, grinding and abrasive wheels and more.
Blackwoods also has a wide range of automotive equipment, such as specialty tools,
vehicle batteries, electrical equipment, lamps, lightbulbs, automotive cleaners and other

If you’re looking for clothing or safety gear, you can find the best products at
Blackwoods. You can shop for mens’ slacks, trousers, shorts, protective shirts,
protective overalls, protective pants and more.
There is also a variety of electrical components, which includes miniature circuit
breakers, power supply transformers, circuit protection devices, electrical switches,
contactors and circuit breakers.
You can also find a wide range of fasteners and fixings to keep your components and
devices in place. There are a wide range of products, such as hexagonal bolts, bolt
assembly, socket screws, machine screws, set screws, pickling paste, stainless steel
and more.
You can also find a range of safety and non-safety footwear, such as safety boots and
shoes, shoe insoles, protective socks, fire retardant footwear, footwear covers and
many other protective gear.
Also, different brands are available, such as Stauff Clamps and Flex Hone.

Redemption Offers
Blackwoods not only provides you with high-quality industrial supplies and safety
equipment, but they also bring you various redemption offers, sales and deals that
allow you to get more products and accessories by paying less.
You can also subscribe to the Blackwoods newsletter so you can stay up to date with
new product information, industry news, productivity tips, and receive special offers.

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and to browse the latest catalogue.