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JAX Tyres

Jax Tyres is a privately owned retailer that sells and services tyres, wheels, suspension
and brakes, with numerous locations all over the country. Their popularity is such that
you can’t miss a JAX Tyres in Cairns, Brisbane, Canberra, Bayswater, Greenhills
Shopping Centre and JAX Quickfit Tyres in Sydney.

JAX Tyres stocks only the best high-quality tyres from the leading tyre brands in the
world. They ensure you get the best products and service, with no compromise on
quality. You can note down the JAX Tyres opening hours and visit the nearest store, or
shop online at their website.

Get Premium Quality Tyres through the JAX Tyres Specials
JAX Tyres & Auto features the finest tyres and wheels you can find across Australia.
They stock up the best brands and always provide the right tyre with the right size for
any vehicle.

You can find a wide and exclusive range of high-quality tyres that are perfect for all
makes and models of vehicles and ensure a smooth and high-performance drive. You
can buy performance tyres, semi-slick tyres, 4WD tyres, SUV tyres, all-terrain tyres,
budget tyres, light truck tyres, commercial vehicle tyres and many more.

If you need wheels that make your new tyres look amazing, and also complement your
car exterior, you’ve come to the right place. JAX Tyres provides you with premium
quality wheels and rims from the most popular brands, and you can choose the best
wheels according to your make and model, and the type of tyres you installed.

Other Value-added Services
JAX Tyres also offers a range of services, including wheel alignment and balance,
batteries, nitrogen tyre inflation, brakes, suspension, vehicle servicing, services and
repairs advice, as well as tyre examination and repair.

Sign up to the myjax platinum tyre maintenance program, where you can receive over
$500 worth of savings on qualified vehicles. Simply make a qualifying purchase (4 tyres
with a wheel alignment), provide your email address, login to view what vouchers are
available to you, and print a voucher to enjoy the savings.
The program allows you to access and track your tyre maintenance, and you’ll also
receive ongoing communication reminding you when you need to have a service or
maintenance, as well as details of any offers or rewards.

Check out the JAX Tyres catalogue for more amazing products and deals.