Lowes’s in Liverpool: Deals and Offers


A business that has been running in the family for over 120 years has become an icon for
Australian menswear. Lowes is known for its superior quality clothing at affordable prices for
men as well as younger boys. It also offers schoolwear and is now a retail chain with over 200
stores across Australia. Lowes stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart,
Glendale, Belmont are hard to miss. Lowes sales are your one-stop shop for clothing.

Shop Locally with Lowes Sales or shop online
The menswear brand believes in quality well-seamed wear at affordable prices for everyone.
Besides attire for men, they also feature a unisex range. The Lowes casual wear range
includes tops, shirts, fleece, knitwear, pants, jeans and everything you could think of.
For the modern male, Lowes offers everything, from fancy shirts to polos and good pants,
helping you stay trendy with the modern male collection. For larger sized men, you can check
out the Big Men’s section. Whether you’re looking for shirts, vests, overalls or jackets and hats,
browse the workwear section of the Lowes catalogue.

Their Business Wear and Formal Wear collections include the best blazers, coats, trousers,
ties and suits. They also have sections for sportswear, swimwear, undergarments,
sleepwear, suit sale and socks
which feature clothing as well as merchandise.
For both boys and girls, the school wear range can help you find your child’s uniform. Search
for the local Australian school and see if Lowes has their uniform with them. Lowes has even a
collection of vests, bandanas and shirts for dogs.

Other Features
Lowes offers you a Lowes zero card which gives you a 5% discount every time you shop either
in-store or online. Additionally, you can sign up for the Lowes zero card to get latest updates
about Lowes sales and special deals on menswear.

Check on our website all the store locations, so you can physically visit the store located
nearest to you. Also, look out for the Lowes sales and specials in the latest catalogue.