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Mitre 10

Mitre 10 is an independent home improvement and hardware wholesaler with various
stores and locations all over Australia in cities like: Portland, Fagg’s Mitre 10 in
Geelong, Becks Mitre 10 in Launceston, Porters Mitre 10 in Mackay, BMS Mitre 10 in
Carrington and Clennett’s Mitre 10 in Kingston. Shop at Mitre 10 online to browse the
latest catalogues for unbeatable deals on power tools, hand tools, hardware,
kitchenware, appliances, paint, garden, storage and much more.

The wholesaler has a carefully selected range of high-quality local products, such as
power tools, gardening equipment and much more. Keep checking out our website to
know everything about the Mitre 10 sale.

Find the Best Hardware with Mitre 10 Products sales
If you’re looking for the best in home improvement and hardware, you can get it here,
be it a small item like a bulb or a huge chainsaw. If you don’t get the desired product,
they make sure you get a suitable alternative.

You can find a range of garden maintenance supplies, such as loppers, wavy blades,
compost makers, spades, blowers and much more. You can also buy high-
performance garden power tools
to keep your garden well-maintained, such as
garden blowers, chainsaws, lawnmowers, high-pressure washers and many other
essentials. You can also find replacement parts and lubricants for your machines.
The store also sells other power tools such as timber, nailer coils, laserlite, bradders,
weber, engravers, glasshouse circular saws and all kinds of tools you might need. You
can find the best product for the right job at this wholesaler.

If you’re looking for outdoor heating products, you can get it here of many brands like:
Karcher, Sleepers, Hedge trimmer. Some of the Mitre 10 specials feature strip heater,
area heaters, hardwood kindling and patio heaters, as well as log holders and firewood
You can also find paints and decorating accessories, included letter boxes for sale,
to help you refresh the look of your house. You can buy all kinds of paints, rollers,
brushes, scrapers and trimmers, along with a range of other handy items.
Apart from these, you can also shop for a wide range of safety footwear, smart home
and much more. Keep an eye on the Mitre 10 catalogue.

Value-added Features
Join Mitre Ten Mighty Rewards for a range of exclusive offers. Benefits include earning
Reward Points for eligible purchases made instore, fantastic promotions, and special
For information on store locations, opening hours, and to browse the latest catalogue for
fantastic deals and savings.