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Petbarn is an Australian retailer of pet food, veterinary products and pet accessories.
The retailer has numerous stores all over the country, ensuring you can find Petbarn in
Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin, Coburg, Chadstone, Caloundra, Kawana or Hoxton Park Rd
in Prestons when you’re in these cities.

Petbarn brings you well-bred and healthy pets, as well as pet care products that help
you take proper care of your little friends. Pets are treated according to the international
standards, and all pet products are of a high quality. You can check out the Petbarn
opening hours to visit a store, or visit the website to place your order.

Find Your Favourite Pets through the Petbarn Sales
Buying your favourite pet isn’t difficult anymore, thanks to Petbarn. Learn about the
Petbarn opening hours to check out the wide range of pets, including dogs, cats, fish,
They have a wide range of products and essentials for your furry friends, such as dry
food, wet food, prescription dog food, treats, flea, tick & worm protection, grooming
tools, toys, bowls and more. You can also special products for your little puppy.
Pets barn also has a myriad of fish products, such as fish food, aquariums, filtration
accessories, air pumps, lighting, heaters & chillers, health products, cleaning supplies,
gravel & decor, and many other quality products.

They also have some wonderful and exclusive products for your birds, which include
bird food, cages, cage accessories, toys, health supplements, winter essentials and
everything else you need to take care of your fish.
If you have a pet reptile, you can buy their food, habitats, heating & lighting, bedding,
decor, health products and much more.

Pet Health Services
Aside from specials, Petbarn brings you various grooming and pet care services,
included pet insurance for your beloved pets, so you can always keep them healthy.
Other services include Petbarn Adoption, Puppy School, and Hotel.

Friends For Life is a loyalty program that allows you to earn points every time you shop
instore. You’ll earn $10 voucher for every 6,000 points accrued. Plus, you’ll get advance
notice of promotions, exclusive offers and discounts, and a 15% off voucher to be
redeemed on your next month’s food purchase.