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RSEA is one of Australia’s leading retailers for safety gear and protective equipment,
with a range of stores all across the country, included Cairns Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth,
Preston, Laverton, Essendon, Cranbourne, Frankston and more.

RSEA features the best and most trusted products when it comes to safety and
protective gear. All of their equipment undergoes extensive testing for safety of use.
You can take note of the RSEA opening hours and visit your nearest store to take
advantage of sales and promotions.

Get Exclusive Safety Gear through the RSEA Catalogue
RSEA brings you high-quality safety products that keep you safe in the field and provide
the ultimate protection in all kinds of situations. You can find products from the leading
brands in the world, and shop for workwear, footwear and many other products.
RSEA features the best quality hats, caps, HI VIs, jackets, jeans, jumpers, hoodies,
pants, shirts, shorts, t-shirts and more. You can also find exclusive workwear for
You can also check out their wide range of work boots, designed to keep your feet and
ankles safe in all kinds of work environments. You have a variety of products to choose
from, such as elastic sided boots, gumboots, safety boots, runners, slip on shoes,
socks, zip sided boots and various other quality shoes.

RSEA also brings you the ultimate safety with its high-quality PPE products, which
include body protection, confined space & rescue, eye protection, hand protection, head
& face protection, hearing protection, height safety and many other quality PPE.
You can also buy products to ensure workplace safety, such as dangerous goods
storage, drug & alcohol, fire protection, emergency showers & eyewash, gas detection,
first aid kits, mirrors and other safety equipment.

Other RSEA Services
Apart from providing you with high-quality safety equipment, RSEA offers safety hire
service. Tell the RSEA team about the project and they recommend the right processes
and equipment that you should use.

Check out the RSEA catalogue for more information on their products.