Stratco’s in Liverpool: Deals and Offers


Stratco is an Australian producer and marketer of quality building and home
improvement products with a network of stores and distributors all over the region,
included Canning Vale, Dandenong and New Castle. It’s been operating for over 70
years selling home renovation equipment and hardware.

Stratco, Adelaide was where it all started, and now the company has a store
everywhere you look. It houses high-quality hardware, roofing, walling and framing
, among a range of other excellent products. You can check out its website to
find out more about Stratco products.

Stratco Sale Brings the Best Products to You
At Stratco, you don’t have to worry about finding inferior quality products, as we take
pride in our collection of extensively tested equipment and accessories. So whether
you’re looking for a ruler or a hand saw, you can find it here.

They bring you the best there is to offer in patios, ranging from pavilion-styled patio,
outback patio, outback pergola, carports, verandahs
or any other design or
configuration that you need. They bring you the best options to enhance your outdoors.

Stratco products also include roofing and walling solutions to weatherproof and
secure your house or building. You can choose from a variety of options, such as CGI
Corrugated, Superdek, Prodek, Smartspan and many other excellent choices. You can
also buy gutters to provide a smooth finish to your roofing.

You can count on Stratco heritage garden shed, garages and planter and storage box
to look great and also secure your car and garden furniture. You can choose from
various garden shed configurations and there are also a range of options for garages,
such as Gable Roof, Flat Roof and Cyclonic.

There is also an exclusive range of high-quality fencing and screening at Stratco. You
can choose from Good Neighbour fencing, Slat, Glass or Tubular fencing. You can also
get decorative screening, as well as various handy accessories.
Apart from these valuable products, you can also find different kinds of hardware at

Additional Services
Apart from the high-quality Stratco products, they also provide affordable and
satisfactory installation services on all their products, as well as various discounts and
installment facilities so you can easily get your home renovated.

Joining the Stratco Super Savers Club, you will receive a variety of sensational benefits;
invitations to exclusive events, member only coupons, E-newsletters, a special birthday
offer, online content, exclusive competitions, and more.