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Subaru is one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in Australia, with numerous stores
nationwide. You can walk into a Subaru showroom or dealership in Adelaide, Brisbane,
Canberra, Hobart and other major cities.

Subaru features high-performance quality vehicles that provide you with a premium and
comfortable drive and various advanced features that further enhance your driving
experience. You can check out the Subaru opening hours and visit a store near you, or
browse catalogue and weekly ads for deals and sales.

Find Premium Vehicles through the Subaru Deals
Subaru Adelaide brings you the most exclusive and high-quality vehicles that provide
optimum utility and a stellar, unmatched performance. They provide both new and used
cars, so you can buy one that suits your convenience.
Subaru has an exclusive range of hybrid vehicles that allow you to enjoy a classy drive
while also not worrying about burning fuel or harming the environment. You can choose
between the XV Hybrid and the Forester Hybrid.
If you’re more of a sports car and hatchbacks type of person, you can check out
Subaru’s excellent range of cars that provide a sleek and sharp design, incredible
technological features, and increased space and legroom. You can check out the
Impreza, Liberty and various other classy models, such as SV, SW, WRX, BRZ and

Subaru also features a collection of SUVs that provide you with overall comfort in all
types of weather conditions. These vehicles feature the iconic All-Wheel Drive feature
that makes them an all-terrain vehicle.
Lastly, Subaru has an exclusive range of performance vehicles that have aerodynamic
designs and are packed with world-class technology. They’re made on racing concepts
and bring you the ultimate driving performance.

Features and Benefits
Subaru also lets you customize your vehicle, by choosing the colour, interior finish,
transmission type, accessory packs, additional accessories and much more.

You can drive your Subaru with confidence knowing it has the best safety features
available. Each year, Subaru engineers are pushed to innovate, refine, and strengthen
their ideas to ensure each car is as safe as possible.

Visit Shopfully for dealership locations, opening hours, and to browse the latest Subaru
catalogue or download the app.