OMO’s in Liverpool: Deals and Offers


OMO is Australia’s leading washing detergent and laundry brand, and you can find its
products in stores and supermarkets all over the country. The brand operates on the
motto that ‘Dirt is Good’ and much of its marketing campaign focuses towards letting
children play and explore without worrying about getting dirty.

OMO has a wide range of laundry detergents and products specially formulated to
remove all kinds of stains and dirt from clothes and also preserve their natural colour
and feel. You can check out the full range of OMO laundry specials and products on
their website.

Find the Best OMO Products with OMO Specials
OMO brings you the finest laundry liquid and powder detergents, washing powder and
that are extensively and carefully tested for safety and suitability in washing
different types of fabrics. The OMO specials remove all kinds of stubborn stains from
your clothes and make them spotless.

OMO has numerous laundry and cleaning products, each developed and formulated for
different purposes. You can easily check out all of these on their website and choose
the one that you think will do the best job between all OMO detergent powder, OMO
Laundry detergent, biological detergent and OMO Washing liquid

If you or your child play a lot of sports and your clothes are often muddy or dirty, you
can try out the OMO Specialty Sports Active Liquid, a laundry detergent that’s specially
formulated to fight all kinds of stains and odors brought on by playing. It’s infused with
herbal extracts and keeps your clothes fresh for a long time such as: OMO Active,
Active Fresh, OMO Turkey, OMO Fresh, OMO Aloe Vera and OMO Gel

OMO also features the Ultimate Liquid, a liquid-based detergent that’s specially
formulated for fighting against 99 different types of tough stains effectively. It can
actively lift stains that have been dried in for more than 48 hours, and is suitable with all
kinds of washing machines.
There are various other OMO specials and products that you can check out on their

Cleaning Advice and Tips
Apart from OMO specials and sales, you can also find cleaning and laundry advice on
their website, which helps you take care of different types of clothing and preserve their
natural look and life for a long time.