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Australian Butchers’s in Melbourne: Deals and Offers

Australian Butchers

Australian Butchers is one of the finest wholesale meat sellers in Australia, with various
stores nationwide, such as Boronia, Berwick, Somerville and Dandenong. It’s known for
providing wholesome high-quality premium meat to various restaurants and hotels, as
well as individual customers.

Australian Butchers specializes in delivering the best cuts of all kinds of meat. All of
our meat is cut by professional butchers who maintain high quality and sanitation
standards. You can browse the online catalogue to find Australian Butchers specials
and buy premium meat.

Buy Meat on Sale

Australian Butchers ensures that you enjoy every fiber of the meats that they deliver,
which is why each animal is taken care of, and the highest standards of hygiene are

They have a wide selection of the best-tasting beef, which comes from carefully
selected and well-bred British cattle breeds. You can buy various cuts of wholesale beef
and also wholesale Angus beef.
If you are a chicken lover, then you will love our exclusive range of premium frozen
and fresh wholesale chicken
, sourced from the finest poultry in Australia. You can buy
a whole chicken or select pieces such as drumsticks, wings, breast fillets or thigh fillets.
You can also buy premium quality quail, duck and turkey fillets.

Australian Butchers also procures the full range of lamb meat, so you can get your
favourite cuts from us at the best prices. Lambs are raised and fed all-natural, which
makes their meat tender and juicy. No matter which cut you select, you will get healthy
and fresh meat without additives or preservatives.
They also sell delicious free range pork, which is free from any hormones or harmful
substances. You can buy pork from us for all kinds of dishes and delicacies, and you
will never be disappointed.

Apart from premium meat, they also feature a wide range of small goods and
, which include prepared and ready-to-eat foods, as well as various
condiments and groceries.

Other Services

Not only does Australian Butchers serve you the best meat, you also get a whole lot of
recipes that you can try out with carefully selected and healthy meat cuts.
You can also order online and ask for shipping home and you can search for easy and
tasty recipes in the dedicated section in the website.
Check the latest Australian Butchers and take advantages of sales and specials.