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digiDIRECT’s in Parramatta: Deals and Offers


DigiDIRECT is one of Australia’s leading photo, video and digital imaging retailers. Shop online
at DigiDIRECT to browse the latest catalogues and weekly ads for hot deals on compact
cameras, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, camera lenses, video cameras, lighting
equipment, camera bags, filters, tripods, memory cards, and much more.
They understand the need to nurture talent and passion, which is what they’re here for. Their
staff guides their customers through their queries and gives optimum solutions. digiDIRECT has
multiple stores across Australia with digiDIRECT Melbourne, digiDIRECT Perth, Bondi and
Elizabeth, quite easy to spot.

You can visit the digiDIRECT website to learn about digiDIRECT opening hours and the store
locations, so you can head to the outlet nearest to you.

Support Local Talent with digiDIRECT Sales
digiDIRECT is a one-stop shop that brings the most innovative products available in the market.
They believe in combining passion and technology and nurturing your talent. They keep a stock
of products that belong to leading brands, such as Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fuji, to name a few.

Other products include lenses, lighting and studio, drones, optics, photo accessories, audio and
visual equipment, pro video, smart home products and computers.

They also have a blog with buying guides and detailed articles that give you tips and
professional insight on how to be better at photography and videography as well as
maintenance of your equipment.

Other Features
digiDIRECT Melbourne is a highly diverse store that aims to fulfill all your digital needs. While
you can buy your digital equipment from here, they offer additional services that you can easily
avail. With low monthly payments, you can rent equipment for more than 6 months. You can
even get passport photos clicked at digiDIRECT . They also print out your photographs in high-
resolution, which you can avail via the digiPrint app or visit any of their stores in Australia.

Browse the digiDIRECT catalogue on their website to learn all about the products they have in