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Drakes’s in Toowoomba: Deals and Offers


Drakes is an Australian chain of supermarkets with dozens of stores nationwide. It’s
your one-stop destination for everything you need around the house. You will find a
wide assortment of products in the Drakes catalogue.
Today it is in cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, North Lakes, Murray
Bridge, Parkinson, Ashmore, Newton, and many others.

Drakes brings you premium quality local and imported groceries, tested and
preferred for their quality. You can also check out various Drakes specials on the latest
catalogue, or take note of the Drakes opening hours to head over to the nearest store
right now.

Get Exclusive Products at the Drakes Specials
Drakes brings you the best groceries and household essentials, spread across various
categories such as fruits & vegetables, bread & bakery items, deli & seafood, ready
to eat meals and much more.
Drakes has the best selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. We have any and every
fruit or vegetable that customers like, and they can select from different categories, such
as organic, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh salad & herbs, and also a wide variety of
You can also find a wide range of bread and bakery items, where you can buy
packaged items or have them packed in front of you. You can find various types of
bread, crumpets, bread rolls, english muffins, biscuits, pasties, croissants and many
more items.

Among many excellent products, you can find an exclusive range of deli and seafood,
where you can purchase deli meats, deli cheese, deli salads & olives, deli pastries,
seafood, poultry and much more.
You also find meat section, featuring the finest and fattiest cuts of beef, veal, lamb,
pork, mince meat and other meats as well. You can also buy ready to eat meals from
Drakes to save time. Apart from these, we also have an extensive collection of dairy
products, frozen foods, drinks, confectionary, snacks, baby care essentials, health
products and more.

Other Services
Aside from quality products in the Drakes sales catalogue, you can also find an
extensive range of premium and high quality locally produced South Australian goods
that people all around love.

Buy a Drakes Gift Card and give your loved one the gift of choice by dropping into your
local Drakes supermarket and buy instore.
For up-to-date information on store locations, trading hours, and to browse the latest
catalogue, visit the Shopfully website today or download the app.