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The Body Shop’s in Toowoomba: Deals and Offers

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a cosmetics and skin care retail chain selling products that are
inspired by nature and ethically made. It has multiple outlets across Australia, included
Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney. The brand is one of the
first ones that initiated the advocacy against animal cruelty and animal testing.

The Body Shop catalogue comprises of products made using vegetarian ingredients
sourced ethically. The Body Shop aims to reduce their environmental footprint and thus,
make use of recyclable plastic packaging for their products.

All you need from The Body Shop Catalogue
The Body Shop offers a large variety of products. It not only has skincare in store for
you but also stocks makeup, perfumes and colognes and other hygiene products. One
other thing that helps set The Body Shop sales apart from the rest is the fact that you
can easily browse through the products according to your personal preferences.

Whether you are looking for products for your skin or your hair, The Body Shop
recommends products for a number of concerns, such as dry and damaged hair, acne,
skin aging and sun protection, to name a few. If you are someone who loves to shop
efficiently, shop by category as you can find a variety of cleansers, lip balm, Vitamin C,
Vitamin E, shea butter, eye cream, tea tree oil
, shampoos, white musk perfume or
whatever it is that you are looking for.

The Body Shop introduces different ranges that aim to cater to a certain type of skin or
any concern. For example, their Hemp range, included hand cream and body butter is
optimized for moisturizing, whereas, the Aloe range is great for those with sensitive skin
and their Drops of Youth helps to leave skin looking fresher and healthier with instant
moisturization. The Body Shop products make also the perfect gifts for your loved ones.
You can look through their beautiful gift bags and boxes according to either your price
range or the occasion.

The Body Shop Sales
The Body Shop sales are great! Not only do you get your hands on great products but
you can also have a personalized browsing experience. The company offers free
shipping on online orders over $49.

Shop online at The Body Shop to check out the latest catalogues for s deals on make-
up, skincare, fragrances, haircare, body care, and more.